I've been looking a some ESP ltd's and a fender Jim Root. The fender is made in Mexico and the ESP's are all Korean made. Which is going to be of better quality?
I have an ESP, but I've played on Mexican made Strats and Tele's. Honestly, I think you should just play on both and check them out. It doesn't really matter who made it, only if the Quality Assurance staff were doing their job that day.

If it's any consolation, so you don't feel like you are funding terrorism or anything, they are made in South Korea. . . Had to add that, The Bush Regime may have included guitars in their "drugs support terrorism" speeches.
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I think Korea is better, I'm not sure tho

I have a Korean made Ibanez RGT6FXEX, and it is one of the best guitars i own, hands down.

I have a feeling u should get the ESP, mainly because i think they're better =]