I play a lot of drop C songs on the electric when I play these same songs on the acoustic I usually play them in drop D. My question is does it hurt an acoustic guitar to tune it to drop C ? Is drop C just for electric or is it good for acoustic to Ive tried it before and it didn't sound to bad.
It won't hurt your guitar. The only problem that you may run into is some fret buzz while in drop C. Other than that, no problems at all.
Mine can take drop B quite easily, and as stated, fret buzz will occur, but it is quite fine.

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Cool I just don't want to hurt the neck. I have five guitars I Keep the electrics one in E and one in C tunning I'm thinking of doing that with the acoustics as long as it doesn't hurt the one in C.
^--You wont hurt it by tuning down. As has been said, fret buzz is a possibility but I have tuned down to Drop C before without getting buzz. Depends on how high your action is at the moment.
If you plan on keeping one(or more) guitar in that low tuning, you might want to think about a minor truss rod adjustment. The standard guitar's truss rod has been factory set to provide the correct tension on the neck to offset the pull of the strings while in STANDARD tuning. This equals out to somewhere between 150-180 lbs. of pull from the strings. If you lower the string tension by leaving the guitar in an alternate tuning like C#(one where all strings are lowered equally) then the truss may need to be loosened to compensate and to maintain the correct fretboard relief. This is a trial and error sort of adjustment, since all guitars are not made equally. It's just something to be aware of, but if the guitar plays satisfactorily to you then don't make an unnecessary adjustment if you can avoid it.