Sorry about all these topics asking for advice, I'm not good with decisions. ><

Anyway, I'm looking at a used 2008 American Standard strat on the local craigslist(originally sunburst, refinished in black nitrocellulose, series/parallel switch added on, includes the case, strap, whammy bar, all the goodies you expect a mid-high end strat to include, $600). I love the strat, and I've been set on a strat for a while, but another one of my favourite guitars popped up for cheaper.

An Epiphone Casino(Cherry Red, Bigsby Vibrato installed, which I intended to do with any non-tremolo guitar I would buy, includes original trapeze tailpiece as well. Also includes a hardshell case. $400).

I love the P-90 pickups, as well as the ability to play acoustically, but I prefer the kind of feedback you can get from a strat a la Hendrix rather then the acoustic vibration feedback a hollowbody or acoustic gets. At the same time the Casino is cheaper, and the price of everything on it new(including the guitar itself,) comes to about $800. Plus I can actually afford the Casino right now in contrast to the strat, and since, after the upgrades and add-ins the Casino would be twice the price new, I'm worried someone will snatch it up and I'm stuck if I decide I want it instead of the strat. The only thing is I play the occasional metal song, and I've heard hollowbodies are awful for metal and hard rock(albeit Malcolm Young uses a White Falcon, so I assume their at least usable).

If you need an idea of what I play, look at the band list for my non-forum UG profile.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

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Go for the strat you will only regret it if youve had your mind set on it. Both are good guitars though :x
Depends on your style matey, if you play blues go for the Epi (the feedback works well for that style) and for the rest take the Strat