she's broken, heart torn & crying
trying to revolt what's left of the moment
nothing cracked open but a parade of sadness
solemn, hypnotic, and controlling
marching through in and out her mind
giving in & letting out her signs
now here to nowhere to be seen
opening up the chapters of a teen

she's dancing, gracefully and determined
spotlights on her eyes as she tries to cross the line
she's falling & they know flying isn't part of her act
with no matress on the floor He knows he have to make a move
running through in & out the crowd
uncertain of what she could have been
he's giving depth to her opera of a teen

he's cold, shaking & terribly weak
a twist of faith on the reaction of a cold november rain
never missed a part, never missed the pass,unintended to remember
a simple warmth of soul is all he craves from his deserver
giving up, don't turn her down, do what's right, take whats left, into it all in all directions

Forever is for always
but that is what they chose

she's taken, heart joy & smiling...
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