For my media work i am doing the effects of video games on people and if it influences peoples behaviour which includes committing crimes. I need what people who play the games think rather than articles from writers

can you guys help me out plleeeeeasssee?
basically, what do you think of video games influencing people to commit crimes?

thank yooou
Yea, that last session of Manhunt just pushed me over the edge there's gotta be something wrong with you already mentally to kill.

Pretend is the key word.
Guitar Hero - Pretend guitar
F1 Games - Pretend F1 driver
Barbie's Horse Adventure - Pretend beastiality... wait... what?
they make me want to brutally rape you and every member of your family, regardless of gender.
I'm going to use a line from a porno I saw last night substituting 1 word

"I think games (porn) give people an outlet to commit thier violent fantasies without hurting anyone"
they make me cum blood.

but seriously, i play them to get aaway from reality... and that's just it. if anyone is derranged enopugh to let video games control them they are going to be screwed up enough without the video games to kill people. eh
Yeah. As soon as I finished playing GTA I went down to my local Ammu-Nation and bought a minigun and went around and got a six star wanted level. It was AWESOME!
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I really have a hate for the mainstream media when it comes to gaming, they don't get it and don't want to get it. Gaming in no way makes someone want to commit a crime anymore than watching a film or reading a book does. After watching the Matrix I didn't go out and try to dodge a clip of bullets!

The main problem is you have people who are inexperienced with games telling the stories and telling people about the game, I say leave the games to the gamers. You especially see this on the news when they do a story say on a popular game, you hear a very biased view point on gaming.

Something for your report, do a search for Geoff Keighley (of gametrailers.com, on i think that's how you spell it) and his defence of Mass Effect as some stupid Psycholigist tries to rip it apart on FOX news, by saying the game is sexist unsuitable for kids etc (she never played the game!!!!!!)

Good subject for a topic, I could talk for hours on it
Jack Thompson i think his name is, famous lawyer who tried to destroy GTA and got disbarred for it
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I'm going to use a line from a porno I saw last night substituting 1 word

"I think games (porn) give people an outlet to commit thier violent fantasies without hurting anyone"

I think I can agree with that, parenthesis and all.

Its like insurance policies in the US.

If something goes wrong with you, they'll find anything they can to blame it on, like a cold in 1992 that you didn't tell them about. If someone kills somebody after playing an hour of whatever game that allows you to kill people, its instantly to blame.
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well one of my friends played gta (new one) "until his eyes hurt" when it first came out and whenever we were walking down teh street and see a nice car, hes like "LOL LETS JACK IT"
but then hes just kidding. but still, the effect was that it made him retarded to some degree

if someone actually killd from playing a game, the problem lies in their own mental state, rather than the game.
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I cast fireball on a woman in a game the other day, then went and threw a molotov cocktail at my sister.
I killed my friend after playing Halo 3...

But only because he recommended it and it was shit.
I used to play San Andreas a lot, but I don't think it really changed my behaviour too much.

*cranks some Eazy-E*

Werd. Let's go commit crimes.
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i love excessivley violent games, they're a great way to escape from reality for maybe a couple hours, but i still make an effort to hold doors for people etc in real life.

like a lot of people have already said, you'd already have to have something wrong with you mentally to let a video game influence you to go out and kill someone.
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