Apologies for what will surely come across as a (remarkably) noob question

I'm running a PRS SE Singlecut through some Boss Pedals (incl DS-1) and a Bad Monkey to a Line 6 Spider III 30W combo. The amp is easily the weakest link in the chain. At practice volume/ in the studio, I can tweak my settings to get pretty good tone, but if I crank up the amp volume, it starts sounding muddy (I always keep the amp on clean, don't use any of the amp effects, and use the guitar p/u selectors + pedals to get the sound I want)

Basic question - in a gigging situation, can I keep the amp volume at comfortable levels so the sound doesn't get distorted, and rely purely on the PA system to get the required volume for the guitar in the mix? (I can either mic the amp or plug direct amp into PA system as required) Will this help me maintain the guitar tone to what I get at practice/ studio volumes?

SS amps do this at high volumes... so... take a 30w valve combo for the future
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Do what you're thinking. Get a good tone out of your amp at a decent volume (preferably enough to be heard over the drums, but not necessary) and mic it up to the pa and rely on that for volume and leaving your amp as your monitor.
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agreed mic it up and eventually when you get the money, get a new amp...i know what youre sayin though, tube amps can sound good when overdriven...ss can sound horrible, just get ur right clean
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Thanks guys

Another (dumb?) question - why this general obsession with mic'ing the amp when a lot of them (including the one I have) have Line-out sockets that plug in fine directly into the PA system? Any particular reason, apart from '70's snobbery?