So i have a bugera 333XL (so its no JSX you do what you can with the money you have) and thats running a behringer cab (dont worry im getting a 2X12 with v30s soon)

And what im wondering is... how can i get more crunch out of my distortion, less sorta fuzz sorta sound and more pure crunch factor.

New cab? pedal? dialing in setting? eqing (i have a 31 band eq i can use).

Please no GET A NEW HEAD YOUR IS SHIT!!! thats not really helpful.
I'm surprised you're struggling for crunch from a 333. Both those and the 6260s from bugera deliver some pretty mighty rhythm tones.

I'd have to go with no_thing101, try bumping your mids up and rolling off a little on the highs. The 333 series can get a bit fizzy in the top end if you're not careful since it's an amp which is mainly geared toward riffing and lead playing as opposed to crunchy chord work. Also probably couldn't hurt to roll off a little of the bottom end too if you've got the bass cranked. That real nice crunchy 5150-esque rhythm tone is found in the mid range, so just keep tweaking frequencies from about 400Hz up to 2kHz and you should find what you're looking for.
****lower your guitar volume****

Lol I know its not that obvious, but select the crunch channel, roll back your guitar volume and up the amp channel volume or the master volume.

You'll hear what I mean.
Less gain, more volume, more midrange.
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