I'm doing some research on guitars and I was wondering what everyone thinks of Hamer guitars.

Are they good or bad?
If you have one, is it part of a larger collection of guitars or is it your only one?
Do you prefer one brand over another? Why?

I was just kidding to hide my ignorance, I have never heard of them. My advice would be to try some music stores to see if you can try one out. Its better than listening to most of the advice around here.
I only own one guitar but I think having a small collection of good quality guitars couldn't hurt to give you more versatility, I am pretty hard up on cash so I chose to buy one really good guitar that will last me (hopefully) a very long time.
The big names in guitar like Fender and Gibson are popular because the have a good reputation, customer support and a record of producing quality instruments, but if a guitar plays well I say to hell with what brand it is, not important.
I've heard of them. The rock band Heart used to endorse them exclusively back in the 70's/early 80's. They follow the Gibson design more or less and their quality is said to be very high. A recent Guitar Player review of a new model was very complimentary.
Moving on.....
I'm pretty up on guitars and I'm not looking to buy...

I'm doing research for the company I'm working with. They do marketing and are going to work with Hamer. I'm doing research to see what people think of Hamer guitars. That's all... But thanks for your input!
The guitarists from Judas Priest used their guitars throughout the 80's and 90's. that's good enough for me.
So does anyone OWN a Hamer? Is there a certain group of people who generally like them? [ie: older generations or younger...]
In here are quite rare to be found,but i guess they are great guitars,according to what i ve heard.
80's metalz FTW.

I haven't had the chance to play one sorry.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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No help here either I've looked for one to try but have yet to be in the same room with one. If they're good enough for tommy shaw i imagine they do pretty well.
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I don't own one, but from my experience...

...one of their double-cut Les Paul things - a Studio, I think - was one of the last contenders for my purchase when I bought my PRS.

...and if I were ever going to buy a Explorer-style guitar, it would be either a Hamer Standard or an Ibanez Destroyer.

It's good stuff.
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i have a hamer, and i'm seriously considering buying another one as my next guitar
they're very well built, and really good quality for the price
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i think there sort of like first act guitars they make crappy starters no mid range but have a nice custom shop
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yeah dude i almost bought a Hamer V the other day it was so nice and you wouldnt be going wrong with one
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Their USAs are INCREDIBLE. Equal in every way to Jackson, Gibson, PRS, and other big names. Their Korean guitars are also very nice as well, and I would have one over the Chinese Epi's. the only guitars they make that suck are the Slammers...
My guitar teacher has a custom USA Hamer, its beautiful. Solid Flame Maple with a rosewood fingerboard thats wood was hand picked so that it would balance the Maple. Its got the floyd, and everything else you could need.

I played it for a bit, and its really one of a kind. He is a huge fan of Hamer, and I'd honestly consider one if I was in the market in for a guitar around $3000.
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The over all feel is that Hamer is a very nice, well-built guitar, but it's a very rare guitar? Not enough people have played one or know about them... Yeah?
I own 8 USA Hamers, and another 4 imports.
Hamers are awesome.

They were PRS before PRS started, meaning: top quality instruments from workmanship to tone to appearance.

They stayed kinda small for a long time, then I guess they tried to catch the 80s hair band wave, and when that collapsed, they kind of struggled along. It didn't help that one founder left, then they were bought by Kaman.

They originally made guitars to compete with vintage Explorers, then the Les Pauls (although double-cutaway instead of single), then Juniors. Later they got into making shredders, but went back to making just modern vintage.

They are one of the better values, as far as price vs. quality. You can buy a used one off of eBay almost with fear, because they pre-season the neck, and the workmanship on 'em is just so damn good.

The imports are damn good for imports. You just have to be a little more careful. I've sorted through a dozen, buying/selling until I got the 3-4 that I like. The woods aren't as good, but the workmanship on the Korean and even on some of the Chinese imports is impressive.

You can poke around here.
Especially under "the guitars" tab.
The Message Board link will take you to where you can get lots more info, after you register.


I should add: I've never played on a PRS, Suhr, or Huber.
I don't really like the ergonomics of a Les Paul.
I hate non-locking trems.
All that being said, I *love* Hamers. They are the 2nd best guitars I have ever played...the best being Jon Kammerer guitars...but they really have no weaknesses. Truly awesome guitars, in tone, workmanship, materials...just less flashy than a PRS, IMHO.

You can't go wrong with a used Hamer from Craigslist (if you can try it out in person) or off of eBay. Prices are way down due to the economy, so you won't lose money if buy and hold for about a year.
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