Hey man
Well.. What can I say? I'm using a karaoke mic, and i'm using Audacity, I had no bass...
If you listen to the song and thinks it sucks, that'll be my excuses ^^

Anyway: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/TheKermal/
Tjeck out 'Can't wait for love to end in tears'

I just finished recording it. I'm doing all instruments plus the singing. Aint my strongest side, but it wouldn't be the same without.

Please, please let me hear what you think about it.

Comment, rate Peace out!
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Sir, Awesome stuff. You have my respect!
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aw i love your song! sell it n' it would deffo be a smash!
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this is great. you've got the words!
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... Wauw... It really paints a picture and leaves the rest up to the imagination!
its a good start and the rhythm playing is really quite good, im a fan of neutral milk hotel, so i dont really mind the mass amounts of dist.
HOWEVER!! (theres always a however), your vocals dont seem to really come in time with the song, you'll have to work on that...and the way you sing seems to be really...umm, "forced" i dont know how to describe that =/

i quite liked it though :]
and I hated the distortion :P and singing

but the guitar was good for the rest
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.