This is a NEW, never used Analog Man modified TS-808. True vintage MOD

$200 Shipped

The TRUE VINTAGE mod is a fun mod, like putting original PAF's into a '59 reissue Les Paul (but a lot cheaper!!). To do this, we use a new Old Stock (NOS) actual early 1980s IC chip of the exact type used in an old TS-808. We normally use the famous JRC4558D chip or can use the rare TL4558P chip. The TL4558P chip is a Texas Instruments chip, made in Japan as is the JRC chip. The TL could be a little clearer sounding. We also install a bunch of original style capacitors, replacing the cheap little capacitors that are now used. We install the old JRC chip unless otherwise stated in your order.

Also important to this mod are the CLIPPING DIODES- we found some of the original blue striped TS-808 diodes and install them. These special diodes, along with the chip and capacitors, make the ultimate vintage TS-808 replica!! Not quite as clear as our SILVER MOD but the tone is true vintage TS-808, nice and WARM and smooth.

We don't do the common 10 year old mods from geofex or other diy effects sites, like the other "gurus". Those mods do what they say (more low end, more or less drive, etc). But if you have really good ears, you will find that the basic tone and sweetness of the tube screamer sound is compromised. The low end will get flabby on those mods. Our mods, which we used our own R & D to create, are for the purest vintage tones possible, not just to make a buck and capitalize on something that someone else started.

The exact original TS-808 sound is what we are going for with the TV mod, it is a classic due to the components they used which worked together wonderfully. We are not "fixing problems" with the TS808, as they have been used for some of the best live and recorded tones ever. That would be like plastic surgery on Halle Berry- some people might like larger, um, "parts" but sometimes the original is just wonderful! Have you ever heard anyone say "SRV played great but he needed more low end"? We are getting as close as possible to the subtle nuances of the best of the old TS-808 pedals with this TRUE VINTAGE mod.