who is exactly is he? how does he look like?

i have searched google and i swear i got nothing useful also wiki doesn't reveal who he is only his name and his name is quite common so don't come in a flame me for not searching, of course i know how to search and i post this here cuz i can't find them.
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UG = not your google.

but still, a guitarist who wears a bucket on his head. not a lot to it really.

EDIT: sorry, KFC bucket to be precise.
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BOX? Its a KFC BUCKET... Hence Buckethead
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He's a guitaris shredder who wears a KFC bucket on his head.

Supposedly, he was born in a chicken coup.
Well, for one thing Buckethead is ruler of guitar. He was taught by paul gilbert. His insanely long fingers allow him to play at high speeds of about 9999bpm. If your were to have a guitar battle with him...he would surely win. He was not born in a chicken coup thats just what he wants you to believe. Hey it makes for a great story doesn't it.

edit**** he actually doesn't wear a kfc bucket anymore well thats what i heard. Apparently kfc told him he cant and so now he wears a white bucket but still looks bad ass none the less.
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i wonder where buckethead lives now

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
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look at his f*cking pinkie!!!