So I recently connected my Pocket Pod to my computer and have been using it mainly for jamming along to MP3's - for this it works brilliantly.

I've also been messing around with Audacity and a few other programs recording myself playing along to some backing tracks.

Having done this now I'm feeling like "so what if I can record..what shall I actually record??" I don't write my own music - I prefer to play along to either original songs or backing tracks.

How would I benefit from recording myself playing guitar?? What do you guys record??
Well the obvious answer would be to record a couple of cover songs with your own backing tracks. But I strongly recommend that you start writing your own material - even if it's just a thirty second riff with drums.

And, the benefits include getting lots of praise from fellow guitarists (post your songs in the covers/original recordings sections) and if it's not praise then it will be tips to help improve your playing. And also a chance to get your music heard.
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Recording yourself is one of the best ways to improve at guitar, for a couple of reasons:

1.) When you're listening to a recording of yourself, you can focus on hearing mistakes rather than trying to play/listen simultaneously.
2.) A lot of times, you can't hear minor mistakes/flaws in technique when you're hearing something directly out of an amp (provided you're playing electric), even with a clean tone; you definitely can in a recording.

It may just be me, but the first time I recorded myself, I had thought I sounded pretty good; then I heard the recording. I started practicing a lot more carefully/often after that.
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Recording can help because it lets you hear what your playing sounds like and might give you a idea for what you need to work on. I know in my case it forced me to concentrate and try to play something well enough to sound good to me. Just doing that can help your playing.

I like recording original ideas not covers. See my myspace page.
For one thing there is alot to benefit from it ,it help's me hear what i am doing and where i mess up ,it's like hearing your recording with a different ear that's the way i always looked at it. and if you jam with a drum trak or any thing like that it let's you hear if you are in time with your playing .i was always told to record my playing and go back and ck out what you have done you never know you might have done some thing that sounds pretty damn good, now you got it on tape togo back and listen to . but like i say there is a lot to benefit from it .i hope this helps you out some good luck.
thanks for all your responses - they've helped a lot!

i do prefer to learn songs from start to finish (the rhythm guitar parts at the moment anyway) and recording myself playing against a backing track i think will certainly help me improve and see if/where I'm not sounding quite right.
recording has helped me become a much tighter guitarist. it wasn't until i started playing to drum machines (perfect metronomes essentially) that i realized how sloppy i was.. :P
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For me, from a songwriting angle, recording is the best way to organize my ideas. Laying down chord progressions and then working out the different parts is a great way to not only build up some chops, but also a great way not to lose those ideas that come on the spur of the moment. My advice, record all of your practices, cut out what is worth keeping, delete the rest.
recording has helped me improve a ton. Like ^^^ said, I never knew how sloppy I was, until I recorded myself. Now I get compliments on how good my timing's gotten, and how clean my technique is. Never heard that before. Also when i started recording, it was like a flood of creativity was unleashed. When you can mix & match your own stuff it's pretty cool. So yeah, do it