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Les Paul
21 60%
14 40%
Voters: 35.
He argues that Gibson Les Pauls are better than Gibson SG's. I told him that it's all about the feel to see which is better for the specific person. Then he asked me what kind I prefer and I said the SG due to the fact that it's body isn't as wide as the les pauls, the neck is different and I overally like the desgin better. Also, on most occasions, it's cheaper.

But now I'm interested to see which most people prefer. The Les Paul or SG. Kind reasons why.
How about both?

I guess if I had to pick I'd go Les Paul since that's what I have. I like the feel of the neck, and it just feels slightly better overall. However, if I had the money for another guitar it would most likely be the SG Standard.
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Personal preference, choose what you want to choose.

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I had a Les Paul, but i traded it for a SG 61 reissue. I definitely prefer the SG, it resonates a bit better, it's much lighter and by far its got better fret access. But i am considering getting another les paul in the future...
I don't own either, but I have always been a huge fan of the tone of a Les Paul as well as the design of it. The SG if played well still sounds damn good (Angus Young, Derek Trucks) but overall, I prefer the Les Paul.
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It s just a matter of preferences....anyway,considering that i DO HATE gibson shapes,but more than this i hate simmetry in a guitar,i d buy lp