Hello UGers, I need your help. I am really determined on replacing the neck pickup on my Ibanez RG. I have a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge, which has worked out for me perfectly. I use it for aggressive Tech Metal and fast riffing. But I really need a new neck pickup for it because I don't like the stock RG neck pickup. I'm looking for a crisp, clean, saturated sound for leads. I play a lot of arpeggios and modal runs and I want more of like an Yngwie type sound with a very round tone. What would you recommend? Thanks SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.
i like your style kid RG+INVADER has been on my agenda for a while but i havent gotten to it yet, that is my favorite pick up i have 2 of them on my fenders as my ibanez s has a dimarzio
Guitar with pure clean power + sound effects pedal or gnx type FX workstation = best sound advise.
When I think awesome neck pickup for shred, I think DiMarzio Air Norton.

Petrucci's neck pickup of choice for years. Its clean, smooth and has tons of harmonics.
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Buckethead uses that one too
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i'm thinking Dimarzio Air Norton. you might want to consider Seymour Duncan Full Shred. it has lot of clarity but you have to play very very clean.
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