Just got a few questions about this pedal :

1) What do you think of it basically?
2) What does the filter knob do on it?
3) Could anyone tell me what AC adaptor can be used for it? (possibly a link to one )

Thanks a lot!
1) I had a ProCo Rat 2 for awhile. I thought it was decent, but it's not very good for palm-muting, which is important to me. The Turbo Rat is supposedly better though. Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead uses one.
2) The filter knob works basically like a tone knob, but it's the opposite. The more you turn it to the right, the more treble it "filters" out. So it's bassier to the right, as opposed to tone knobs.
3) Just bring it to Radioshack and have them figure out which adapter.
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just a regular 9V adapter I'm pretty sure.
And yeah, I was wondering if the Turbo Rat is any different or better than the 2?