Can anyone explain any of the following?

Close micing,
spot micing,
ambient micing.

I've searched online for them but cant find anything on close and spot micing, and very little on ambient micing.

Close miking
- Miking the acoustic really close to the mic (Im guessing)

Ambient recording
- Kind of like recording a space, for example a mic in the middle of the room recording guitars all around it.

close micing is getting a microphone close to the amp or sound source e.g. acoustic guitar i think
im not sure what spot micing is, iv not covered it in music tech
and ambient micing is using two or more mics simultaneously and placing one near the sound source and the other elsewhere in the room to capture room ambience/reverb

hope this helps
Thanks thats all great help! If anyone can add anything else to them, about the posistions, or why its placed so close, what sound does it achive, or anything really that'd be grand.

and if anyone does know about spot micing that would be helpful, still cant find anything anywhere.
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if i'm not mistaken, spot and close miking may be the same thing.

don't hold me to that tho :P
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No they arnt,i found out Spot micing is linked with stereo micing. (just incase anyones intrested)...... still feel free to post anything else you know lol. ive got like 10 hours left....8 of which i need to sleep.
I use three mics for my acoustic and mandolin recordings. I have one condenser aimed at the sound hold, one aimed at the neck, and one ambient mic set away to get a fuller sound. I go through a small mixer that goes stereo into a preamp into ProTools. Works well for me!