Does anyone here activate their standby switch before turning off the amp?

I dunno, I do it. It doesn't harm the amp in any way, does it?

EDIT: Frig, I posted in EG? Damn... I hope this can be moved to GG&A
after i play i put the amp in standby and then turn the amp off
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No it really doesn't. The Blues Jr. is a tube amp with no standby switch.
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It's not required; however, the only time I straight up blown a tube was when I shut the amp off without even cutting it on standby.

This doesn't cool the tubes, nor take power from the plates faster; I just prefer to do it just to make myself think that it's easier on the amp.
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For me it just keeps from getting an annoying pop when I switch the amp off.
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At the plate voltages used in modern amps a standby is not required to protect the valves as cathode stripping only really occurs @ voltages of 800Vdc plus. It's really just a useful tool to mute the amp. I have read an argument saying that leaving a valve on stand by too long can, in some cases, lead to cathode poisoning which can damage the valves.