so.. i've been goin out with my bf for over 3 months.. i really like him and i also liked him waay before we started dating, so im really happy we got together. but sometimes i still wonder if he still likes his ex. i no he really liked her and shes really pretty, but she hurt him real bad.

to make it even more complicated, i found out today that one of my best guy friends likes me! hes got a twin bro too.. i've known him since i was like 5 an now, when i have a bf i find out he likes me.

i had some feelings for him too, and i was confused at one stage, but now that i no he likes me its driving me crazy!!

i dont wanna break up with my bf, but if he still likes his ex is he worth it? would my best guy friend of 10yrs be a better option??

pls help!!
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