im stuck between 2 guitars that i really want to get dean razorback v255 and ibanez xiphos im just wondering what would u guys get?

thx for the help
Neither, but the Ibanez by miles out of those 2.
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Ibanez...razorbacks look cool (imo, i know it's a hotly disputed point), but it's overpriced by miiiiiiiles for what you get. And what you get really isn't even that hot, hardware wise.
xiphos except for the edge 3
but the razorbacks have LFR (i think)
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Quote by ibanez_2892
xiphos except for the edge 3
but the razorbacks have LFR (i think)

Good point actually, I was thinking of the 7-string xiphos, which has a fixed bridge. Edge 3 is a pain in the ass to some people. On the other hand, I have no idea about the quality of Dean's LFRs.
Honestly I would go for a schecter, or the michael kelly hex deluxe, instead.
The michael kelly is amazing bang for your buck
OFR, emgs, neck through, for around $650
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