1979 Montaya
I found it in my great grandmother's basement.
It belonged to my uncle (who is now a drummer, ironic?)

Anyway, It needs strings and to be cleaned really, really good.
The fretboard has a little bit mold. How can I get rid of that?
The fretboard is also extremly dry.
And I have no Idea how to change strings on an acoustic (I'm electric all the way)
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^^ there you go


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Quote by Skierinanutshel
lemon oil and elbow grease.

also, dunlop makes a good fretboard kit.

and for the strings, it is the same for the tuners, but the ball end is kept in place with bridge pins instead of being held in place like an electric bridge.

Are you just saying that or are you serious?
Ball End? Please Explain I dont want to accidently brake it
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strings have generally two ends. an open end, and a ball end.

ball end is the ring thinger that the string is wrapped around

edit: this

Oh ok thank you!
The video's really nice.
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^-- NO WAY MAN! I was just posting a tutorial in addition to the video you posted. The more info, the better!