Last night, (I'm putting all this down to a dream) it was around six pm. I went to the MacDonalds and i see a Big Mac. I'm going to say it looked like a burger crossed with a carousel with lots of pretty vegetables, made up of 2 slices of meat, the top one fat and the bottom thin with a little slice of bread between them like a column. After seeing it, i'm not sure what happened. I can't remember anything until around 30 minutes later where i think i asked someone if they saw it too, they said no. The next day (Today) i feel really different, and said person does not recall me saying anything about a Big Mac. During today, i heard reports of Big Mac's twice in the morning and at school watched the film Super Size Me, with no explanation by my Biology teacher as to why or what we were supposed to be doing.

Now, a few weeks earlier i saw these pretty damn trippy things at the farm like Burger King fashion. I'm guessing now that they were mental cows (they kept falling and swirling) illuminated by some light on the ground. They flew around for a bit before being eaten by a fat American.

What does Pit think of said situations? Has anyone had something similar happen?
Note: Yeah i believe in Ronald McDonald but also don't believe they've got any reason at all to come to Earth, so im pretty mindfucked.