Ok, so I'm gonna buy a electric guitar or bass (I posted this in this forum as it is mainly about bass), but I can't choose.. I love the look of bass way more than guitar, and the sound, but I was thinking, because I would be playing on my own most of the time, wouldn't it be better to have an electric guitar, because bass is a mainly accompaniment instrument, and I'd be able to recreate the music I hear...But when I make my mind up, I always wonder to the other option...What should I do?

Also, if I got bass, it would be an Ibanez gsr200, or 180, but I want to go maximum only a shade over £200 so the 180 would be better money wise, then I'd buy a laney richter
thing thats in the FAQ, which is about £200. But is it worth the extra £30? because I'm seriously tight on cash, and probably won't be able to save up.

If I get gutiar, it will be the cheaper option, which is also a plus for it, because I'd probably get a squier or Yamaha Pacifica, and Roland Microcube, which a lot cheaper than the bass option..

Help me please!!?!

If I've got anymore questions I forgot to state then I'll edit.

EDIT: The heaviest thing I like is slayer, but I love stuff like RHCP and RATM, as well as Slipknot.

EDIT2: Also apart from your band's drummer, where can you download drum tracks for playing to for free?
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Well, don't go by looks first of all, you can't compare a bass and guitar that way
Again, don't bass it on looks. And where did you get the idea that bass is mainly an accompaniment instrument? Have you ever heard of Stu Hamm or Victor Wooten?
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Again, don't bass it on looks. And where did you get the idea that bass is mainly an accompaniment instrument? Have you ever heard of Stu Hamm or Victor Wooten?

Yeah, its only a cheap background instrument if that's what you make it. The truth is, bass can be up front just as well as guitar.
if you like the bass, buy the bass and if you can, find some guys to play with. if not, it's cool, you can play on your own.
The morale to the story is that it's far more fun and rewarding to play an instrument you like than play one that suits your situation.
if you liked guitar more than bass I'd say the same thing, but the other way round, it really is that simple.
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You can play bass as s solo intrument you just have to pick the right music. Also if you like bass then go with a bass. You said that you liked the sound thats the way I got started into bass. Also if you buy a bass you get skills that you can use to play guitar.
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its all about the sounds. eventually any good or curious musician will learn both instruments eventually, i started on guitar, now i like bass so much more, you enver know til u try both, man. gl with your decsion
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Since nobody else mentioned it, I'll point out that the microcube is horrible to have as your only amp...especially for your style of music. The only real benefit to that thing is the extreme portability, which isn't really all that useful in an amp...as long as it fits in your car, it generally doesn't matter what the size is.
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Id say a warwick if you have the cash but if you dont probbaly a Fender they usually have cheap stuff

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