Is this a good laptop for the price? If not, help me find one that is!

I'm trying to find a laptop for my mom that will last her a good long time. However, I know little about laptops, and what I know about desktops is year old information (built a computer this Jan.). I have no idea what processor is better than the other even within Intel Core 2 Duos. Also, I don't know if any brand has particularly better physical build quality.

She basically wants a computer for non-gaming, non-visual works use. Email, internet, running a shit-load of processes at the same time like she likes to do (Word, Excel, Streaming music, and a bunch of other crap - she uses her computer for work after all). She just wants something good that will last her as long as possible. That's why I figured around $700 would be a good price-point.

And hell, if I can get my Counter-Strike on with it while oot and aboot, I won't hate!

So can you helps me and my mom, pit? It would be well appreciated. Perhaps I'd even post nudes of the computer once we got it.

yes $700 is a good price.

or you could look at all the other laptop threads
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More importantly, pics of your mother or she didn't happen.
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More importantly, pics of your mother or she didn't happen.

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That's got some great specs to it. That AMD is basically like an Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.0GHz I suppose?
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