Hello, I ordered Roland Cube 30x a few days ago. Did you guys ever play with this amp or at least heard it?
What do you think of it?

I think that it sounds great for it's price but i want your opinion.

I also want to know what are the settings to get original as possible nothing else matters solo and clean sound.

And I also want to ask what are the settings for the unforgiven II.

Thanks for the answers(if you answer)
Heh thanks for the link. Two things are true:

1. I'm a noob on this forum so I don't know for sure where i must put which stuff.
2. I didn't know where to put this thread since I have a question about amp and 2 metallica songs :P.

P.S: Some guy on Tallica forums said that UG has tone forum? I couldn't find it.
its cool. and the reviews can be pretty reliable. but nothing beats trying out the gear yourself.

tone forum? thats new to me. i would go to the electric forum for that, but GG&A (guitar gear and accessories) about amp/pedal questions.

also, the searchbar is actually useful is most situation. i've used it, and have been able to find out more information about the subject/question then what i was going to ask in the first place.

have fun, i'm still slightly new to here also, but you'll get used to it eventually
Thanks for advices Skierinanutshel. I'm a bit late with answer.

I still need help with the Unforgiven 2 and Nothing Else Matters tone settings. Please help