Most the time when im sight reading, i pretty much guess the rythms, other than if the bassline is in just crochets or quavers.

The rest of the time e.g if theres a line which reads dotted quaver, semiquaver quaver, or somthing i just have to guess.

How do most people figure out what the rythm is, coz its gone way over my head and i never seem to be able to get it right.


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and get a metronome too. that will help out a lot. if you can use your foot to keep time while your reading the rhythms. or maybe practice some of the hard stuff your trying to read without your guit-box. just tap it on a table or on your lap with your hand. but definately use a metronome it will help you get a better sense of time so you dont have to guess. you'll know
damn it's been a long time.
Take it slow. Awefully slow. If you need to, right in all the counts and values above notes.

Just practice
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I dont understand.. you know what a crotchet and all that is.. but you suck at sight reading rhythm?
try sight reading these

Those are really helpful, as I'm currently learning as well.

I know I'm not the TS, but thanks for those. Do you have anymore?