I heard taking tylenol with coke (the soft drink) can **** you up. is this true?!?

Now to the main little story/question.

On the weekend there was a party and it was pretty good until this girl called the COPS on her OWN PARTY! She said she thought they were all gunna die and called the cops hahaa. Afterwards she had a whole bottle (72 caplets) of advil liqui-gel thingers.

I was wondering.. What would taking all that advil do to you? She's been in the hospital for 2 days.

OH, and are there any other stupid little things like Tylenol and coke that will have any effect on you? (I already know about nutmeg haha).
Wow... That much advil will seriously **** you up

Not sure how, I'm just sure it would **** you up.
It's fine to take Advil with alcohol... but taking that many would probably kill you.

Also the tylenol and coke thing is the most ridiculous shit I have ever heard. Unless is cocaine.. in that case the cocaine is fukking you up, not tylenol.

Use your brain, these aren't hard questions to answer.
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Yes it's true. Also taking Aspirine® and eating pancakes (the food one) will make you go insane.
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That's a trick people use on kids new to drugs.

Like the people who tell kids that if you take EXACTLY 72 pills of Advil (like you said) it will **** you up and you'll get high and all that shit. It happened around here, and 2 kids died.

Don't listen to that shit.

Also, drug thread.
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Yes it's true. Also taking Aspirine® and eating pancakes (the food one) will make you go insane.

yeah and if you eat vitamin c and french toast, you're dead.
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Wow that much advil will kill you, unless she had her stomach pumped she will be dead soon, also she must have guessed something would happen, you don't take that many in 1 gulp
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eating rat poison will kill you, srsly.

Is it weird that reading the word Coke in the tread title made me want a coke?
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72? Holy shit thats alot of swallowing

Nothing you couldn't accomplish on a good night, no?

In other news, paper tastes like coconut and is as nutritious as a balanced three-course meal.
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Err...why don't you just get alcohol and weed?

Also don't believe what people tell you, dolt.


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i dont think so...

put you could put some tylenol and a coke can in a sock and fuck somebody else up.
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It's not good to take tylenol and mix it with alcohol.

yea doesnt it make your stomach bleed or something?
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