The link to my profile wasn't working earlier so here are links directly to the tracks if you need them...

Inspector Gadget


Hope you enjoy these, they were really fun to make, surprisingly it took me a while to get both riffs sounding good, despite them being easy... Would be fun to play live deffo!


Yamaha RGX-A2
Boss ME-50
AKG Perception 100
Valveking 212

Cool covers man! The only problem I could really fine were very minor issues. A better tone would be good. Try to back the gain off a little, your notes sound very muddled together, especially when you use your neck pickup. Watch how you flow into other notes as well, it seems very jerky in some parts.


Check out mine?

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Cheers for the crit matey, I'll look at yours tomorrow just going to head to bed! I'm waiting for a Seymour Duncan to be installed on this new guitar and 2 EMG's on my other so hopefully it'll sound a little better