So, I've been playing bass for about a year and a half, and I've been wanting to get a guitar and learn that too.

Then I decided, since I think it'd be fun, I'll build my own guitar. I've been looking at GuitarFetish's stuff, and I'm really not sure what I'd need besides the obvious.

I'm not really sure what some parts are, like a Disk Tone Cap? Or a Ferrule? Any help would be appreciated to learn what I'd need to build a guitar. I'm not going to cut the body and neck, I'm just buying precut ones from wherever. GuitarFetish for now.

Also, is it difficult to install a coil-tap? It doesn't seem like it'd be too hard, so I was considering adding one. What I'm trying to make is a simple tele with two humbuckers, both coil-tappable.

Thanks in advance to whoever can help me with anything.
You want to build a guitar.. but you don't play guitar?
I would go out and get a cheap guitar, learn how to play, then maybe try building one.
But hey, don't listen to me. If you think you can do it, go for it!
I dont play bass but I plan on building one one day, I dont see why I have to be a bass player to do so lol

Have a dig around on www.projectguitar.com read the tutorials and search for subjects in the forums, there is a hell of an achive of stuff to read.

Invest in this book to get you started,

Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock

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My best friend's a guitarist, so I end up playing his guitar when I'm at his house. :P I like guitar, and I think I could make one without it being bad. I always see that book popping up, so I will DEFINITELY go and grab it when I can. ^_^

This build isn't going to happen too soon, by the way, I'm out of a job right now. When I can afford it is when it'll start getting built.
Don't get a neck from guitarfetish... mine was horribly warped. The body I got from there would not accept translucent colours, and it was all satined odd colours. My bridge from there is made of cheap ass metal, and it chips and wears out so fast I can barely use it.

The pickups were great. They aren't GFS though .

You get you pay for, I'll let you know that.

I think it is a great idea. Stewmac should have some good things. www.projectguitar.com is a great place.
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