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Kinda cool, a little repetitive in my opinion. Some drums would really add a lot to the song. Some vocals with a lot of effects on them would be pretty cool as well as some synths. I really like the delay on the bass. Overall cool work, good job.

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thkx for your ideas, that would make it really cool but im no good with drums, and that other stuff. maybe in the future lol
Lol this is reminding me of the computer game Diablo II in the desert place but just a little faster. It seems really sort of dark which i guess covers the "freaky" part lol.

As for vocals just a soft voice talking under the music might sound cool and probably add to the freaky part haha. I agree with scott too though some drums would be good there to spice it up a little bit.

overall, pretty cool but it doesnt seem quite finished yet.

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well, if anyone is interested in composing a drum track for the song.. lol i would appreciate it, and credit would be given of course
as for the voice, its a good idea, but its not something very doable for me right now (if anyone's also interested lol)

i'll try to work a bit more the guitar that has those two high notes and see if i can come up with some new lead riff or solo for the song.

thkx for all the comment till now