It's honestly a really simple song to play, just some simple chords and some arpeggios of the same chords, with a bit of sweep echo behind it.

Like I said, I am very new at this, so don't jump me if it's shitty or repetitive, which it probably is.

Dude it's pretty good. It's definately not shitty!! It needs some work to really become a song though. I guess I would make a little more sense with the different parts. Each time you repeat a part, make sure you used the same amount of beats that the part had to begin with. It seems that the timings of each part are all over the place.

One other thing I would do is, lower the recording level. That way the chords that you hit harder will sound as clean as the picking parts.

Anyway, keep it up.

Crit this please:

first off it was already mentioned but lower the recording level for sure! it will sound soo much cleaner if you do that!
It sounds nice overall no mega problems here other than what has already been said about the amount of beats you use for each section. its hard to get into the song when it sort of jumps around at random. A voice over it would be nice as well.

Overall its easy on the ears and therefor easy to listen to no Major errors that make you squirm. Needs work no doubt though but im sure you will get there!

keep it up,

- Blazer

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