Anyone here played one? If so, how does it sound compared to the MIA Standard or Deluxe j-bass?
sounds very nice. the switches really make it better. kinda ugly, but a fine instrument.
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Yea ive noticed the he play's alot of slap bass, yet it's got a cover over the place where you'd usually slap n pop =/
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I'm going to go as far and say it is probably the best Fender I've played. The active EQ with an active/passive switch very much lends itself to that sentiment.

I used to own one, and i agree it is the best fender i have played. Amazing bass, for under one large. I never should've sold it, and i've been contemplating getting another one.

Two things annoyed me, howerver: It doesnt have 24 frets, and its fcking heavy!!

The cover can come off, but to be honest i felt it really tightened up my slap, so that wasnt an issue.

Buy it.