I write my Christmas lists early now and on said list is a few suggestions for a second guitar, on a Christmas list! I already have an Ibanez RG120 and my brother has a Squier bullet Strat so don't recomend those two. I like heavy metal, Hard rock, and Blues rock.

Now I set the limit for 350 US dollars so I can't go over but I want to find something in side that price range. Now don't go saying that you can't buy a good guitar for that price or recomend a gay looking guitar like those by Daisy Rock or very awkward shaped guitars like some B.C Rich guitars but Explorer or flying V shaped guitars are okay, but some of you are going to be asses and do that anyway because I know how some people are. So far this is my list of probable choices. (Guitar Center prices)

Dean Vendetta 2.0 with Floyd, Price: $299.99
Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Price: $299.00,
Jackson JS20 Dinky, Price: $217.49 - $249.99,
Squier by Fender Tele Custom: $229.99,
Ibanez GSR100EX Soundgear Bass Guitar, Price: $169.99

Could you guys (and girls) help me out and give me a few more suggestions?
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I'd recommend an Epiphone G400 for a guitar, FANTASTIC guitars for the price, and don't listen to those saying about the neck dive, it goes away with a leather strap, and if not, you get used to it anyways.

And with the bass, a Squier Vintage Modified bass is always good, don't let the name fool you. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-by-Fender-Vintage-Modified--70s-Jazz-Bass-103726642-i1166457.gc

And for an amp - haven't got a clue.
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