so. lately ive been getting into like really hardcore "scene" music.
and i really like it and me and my friend have been trying to start a hardcore band since the beginning of summer or earlier...
and as you may know, some of those bands drop to C,B,A to get that really low pitch sound.
now the dilemma.
i have one guitar.
but i need one to play my standard tuning stuff.
but then i need another to leave in a dropped tuning preferably C.
the guitar i have now is an ESP EX351 and i love it to death.
but i want a new guitar that i can use for whatever tuning i dont use with my ESP.
and i really dont have alot of money... any suggestions?
like if i should use my ESP for the dropped tuning, or standard.
or what guitar i should look at.
stuff like that.
thanks for the help in advance
btw... dont pay attention to my headline thing. ive tried changing it many times and it just wont work.
i really have no bias towards guitars anymore.. besides fender strat lookalikes.
they just kinda bother me
i didn't know scene was considered hardcore
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Quote by Sam_Prillaman
i didn't know scene was considered hardcore


But seriously for that you probably want at LEAST 2 guitars
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i mean scene bands. like hXc bands.
and i realize we need 2 guitars but for my leads i can only play one guitar at a time.
thanks for the help.
im glad UG brainiacs were here to help me once again
maybe look into a jackson, another esp, ibanez!
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Quote by Lethal Dosage

But seriously for that you probably want at LEAST 2 guitars

I only have one and half of the songs i'm learning are in drop c, the other half in standard. annoying as hell to have to retune every 5 minutes.
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