Hey all, since Halloween is coming up soon, next Friday actually, I want to play some Halloween type music and well..

I am looking for suggestions, right now my brain is dead, I can't think of a single song.
Anyone know some Halloween Themes and/or Halloween type Songs.

Thank You, and Keep Rockin'
monster mash, thriller, creepy haunted house organ music
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see if you can try some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff
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The Munsters Theme
Twilight Zone Theme
Monster Mash
The Misfits - Scarecrow Man
Halloween Theme
Exorcist Theme
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How about the theme from "Halloween"

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Anything Misfits, especially their version of Monster Mash, then you can go with Halloween, Halloween 2
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the boogie man song by icp.... ahhhh. don't really remember if there was much guitar though, damnit. freaked me out so I didn't listen to it again.
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...SLAYER!!!!..sorry...I used to have to listen to that monster mash shit when I worked at Price Chopper...made me want to kill!!!
Definitely Misfits, maybe some AFI, Black Sabbath
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marylin mason (sp?)

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i agree with misfits, a liiittle bit of AFI, and black sabbath.


Night of the Vampire - 13th Floor Elevators
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly (it has a Halloween feel imo)

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x files theme (pretty creepy if you play it right), halloween theme, this is halloween (nightmare before xmas), black sabbath (song, kinda creepy), hurt-nin, and such
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For AFI, the All Hallow's EP and The Art of Drowning are great fall/Halloween cd's

And Danzig, along with the Misfits
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any alice cooper stuff. Welcome to my nightmare, feed my frankenstein, billion dollar babies, ect.
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alice cooper, halloween song, anything that floats your boat
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