Ok well iv been playing for almost 2 years on and off, but now I devote alot of my time to guitar, Iv gotten the basic major and minor chords down no problem, now I understand the notes on the fretboard, but what can i do with the notes on a guitar. Like I understand in standard tuning the E string would start with an open E then F the Gsharp and so on, but how does that help me. I understand how a D-Chord is called a D-Chord because its root is on the D String. so my question is how can I understand theory more with the help of knowing the notes on the fretboard. also does anyone have a powerchord chart because im assuming that the notes would also match with a powerchord am I right to say that a G powerchord would be on the 3rd fret, and 5th fret of the A, and D String. sorry this is confusing
Because there are alot more chords then needed. Triads, four part chords, seventh chords. I've been playing about the same amount as you have. I know a whole bunch of chords. I use them though, they aren't useless.
I can help you with one tip. on one string, you can play the fifth fret, and the sound would be the same as your next string, except for your b string, which would be your 4th fret. using again the b string for an example, if you play the 4th fret of the b string, it will be equal to your open (high) e string. but remember, it is the fifth fret on the other strings.