Ooook. I've had this song from a cd a friend gave me, but i've never been able to find the artist or song name. to make matters worse, the lyrics are really really hard to hear (louder instruments over it, lots of reverb on the voice). So this is pretty much the best i can do. It's a really soft song that starts out just notes played on an electric guitar with lots of reverb, then the voice, and then a really heavy electric string section sample comes in, which just makes the lyrics so hard to hear...

For some reason i had a vague feeling i used to think it was Thievery Corporation, but i looked up their lyrics and couldnt find anything similar

bah, thanks!

"as i'm waking
you drift
your stiffening ...
up the back of my knee

just born
as we touch
our goodbye ...
cant wait to laugh

against my cheek your ...
open wings (must form)? other world
let the mouse be jealous of us

you behind me
i drive oh ...
crashing through brush
crashing through brush

Im outside taking ...
nothing brings further change

watching me
touch my self
a woman

erase yourself
why dont we next sweet ...
sweet (dying on)? your kiss
sweet dying on your kiss
sweet dying

after ....
you bend my head forward
and nothing (made up my mind)?

what (depths)? do we face
when we refuse
what (deaths)? do we face
when we refuse"