I have Ibanez S520. It's unmoded in any way shape or form. Everything is stock. Black color. Great condition. No noticeable scratches unless you get a magnifying glass, you can see the pick scratches. Made in 2005. I can't upload pics right now, but I will when first offer comes. I am quite busy. U.S only. Also comes with a Hard Shell case for ibanez rg/s/sa series. But I will not give it to you if you trade me an Ibanez.

I am looking for around 350. I am also looking for metal oriented guitars. But I will still consider Strats and Les Pauls (sorry no Epiphones)
No Acoustics and Hollowbodies please.
Ibanez, Esp, and Jackson are all welcome

The reason I am selling it is because
1- When I tune the ZR bridge, the pencil/eraser trick DOES NOT work and therefore, tuning is a bitch
2. I cannot pull up on the ZR, but this could be because I never had it set up (neck is perfectly straight though)
3.The inlay at the 12th fret annoys me to no end
4. The pickups on this thing is horrible. I would rather have Epiphone pickups than this.

Yeah, thats about it. The neck is Wizard II, its very thin and gives you cramps. But the guitar body is soooo thin, its all mahogany.

I am looking for Ibanez RG series, SA series and anything else with a trem. But all offers will be considered. Thanks alot.
Schecter Daimen FR Special
Guitar Rig 3

Fender Stratocaster in Red.

It's all I need.

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