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Hey, me and some friends plan on building a guitar for a school project and we just wanted to know if anyone would be interested to have a manual or a guide on how to build a guitar (we would do it while we're making the guitar so you'll also have the errors that we made and our opinion/experience about certain facts). So, just answer the poll

Thank you guys
I've got full scale plans for a Gibson SG standard collecting dust that I want to put to use. I'm just worried I'm going to waste $400 in wood if I mess up something like the neck angle or something, so I haven't really started on it.
Well I would rather a diary than a manual, documenting everything you did, recommendations, problems etc

because (and I don't mean this offensively) there are books available to buy from respected luthiers, and if this your first guitar your building, I don't think you can go around writing how to guides on the subject.

But I would love to see a build thread or something documenting the process as detailed as possible.

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Would these plans include how to wire pickups, how to create bridges, tuners and magic up some pots? Or just "cut wood, prime/paint/clear, install pickups"?
I will be documenting every step of my guitar build as well!

This sounds like a great idea.
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I would definitely go down the "Documentary" route, given your inexperience.

Otherwise, if you say "this is how to do it", you will pi$$ off people who have been doing it years and know better. You will then look like a knob.

I know a fair bit about painting stuff, but even though, I will offer my advice in a matter of fact way, it will generally only be to people that have asked for help, rather than starting out by saying this is the way to do it.

I have posted a couple of long assed posts on here about painting, because I do have a very good idea of what works, but I wouldn't put up a thread stating how to do it, unless I was asked. And it still would be open to input from anyone who believes they know better.
To Les Paul Ell : We would write down everything we do, so yes it would
We will try to make it the most interesting as possible, and as you guys said, it won,t really be an how to guide but more an how we did it guide, so you may find some tips and advices as well as common errors (that we will make :S).
It would just be for people who don't really know how to do it a good reference of the complexity of the work.

Thanks guys and continue to answer the poll because we're not sure about putting it on the internet for now
put it here. thats what this forum is (partially) here for. it can only add to the massive knowledge base we already have, which is a good thing.

FYI: http://www.guitarattack.com/
those guys do a diary for all there builds (builders gallery section), just some info
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