I've been looking on ebay for marshall JCM's and found out that the combos go for as low as $400. Now, I've been really digging these amps due to their versatility, and awesome tone. Right now I have a Peavey 5150 combo. While it has more than enough gain, it lacks versatility, and I can't play much beside metal on it. I play anything ranging from progressive rock to symphonic/ power metal. Would it be worth it to trade a 5150 for a jcm 2000? If not, what are some other amps that are suitable for the genres I play (including death metal) that go for that price? (new or used)
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well if you really like high gain then keep the 5150 and save for the marshall. Those marshall combos (dsl 40 watt) arent voiced same as the head and they sound a little fizzy from my experence w. them.
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Quote by Dance_of_Death
i'd keep the peavey for death metal and buy a used marshall jcm 800 for the progressive rock and some metal

As other people have said, the 5150 will be better for sick ass distortion, but the Marshall will probably get a wider range of sounds but not as heavy distortion. I have a 5150, and it isnt the most versatile, but its worth the money I bought it for.
Totally different amps, but the marshall is way more versatile, although not godly sounding.
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Ok, well here's the thing, I don't need that ridiculous amount of gain, and would be willing to sacrifice it for versatility. I would like an amp with a good amount of gain to get into melodic death metal territory (kalmah, dark tranquillity, insomnium) but also versatile enough to get a nice british crunch for something proggy, and pretty nice cleans.
I play lots of dark tranquillity as well, and the 6505 kills it for that..because they use the same amp, as well as In Flames, and sometimes Arch Enemy. Im huge into death metal as well, and i can safely say I wouldnt be satisfied with a DSL. Another option is to buy a Line 6 Pod, or Boss-Gt-8 or something for different styles.
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Yeah I know, it's a great amp, but I would be willing to trade it for something that's more versatile, but will get into that territory. If the jcm 2000 is ill advised, what other options do I have? I will buy used.
which jcm 2000? dsl or tsl? which model?
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Jcm2000s are only ok. they might be more versatile to your ears. I've heard the combos have some reliability issues. I would think you'd want something more akin to a mesa or a peavey xxx for what you are playing. The XXX has a bit of a more brighter gain, and has a much more versatile feature set, the clean is really good, and the ultra and crunch channels are maleable and tweakable.
I have looked into the XXX, still haven't take the time to check out them out thoroughly, how would a jcm 900 combo + and OD pedal do?
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