Hey guys...I have a quick question for the regular recorders out there...

WHat is a really cheap but still semi decent mic to record vocals AND guitars (and maybe drums seeing how little gear we have! ...yes i do know it will sound bad).

Now, I'm sure someone will be like...Shure whatever it is - /thread... buit seriously, is there a cheaper brand that is as good?

Actually, I also have a second question... Seeing as all i'd be doing is mic - computer - audactiy... Can I just plug any shop bought mics straight into a computers mic jack or do you need an adapter/ little mixer to go thru first? Cos I;d just go get any mic, but I dont know whether ts as simple as plug in and use...

Whats your recording set up?
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shure sm 57's are the industry standard for just about everything and they're pretty cheap at $100 a pop.
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When I do mics straight into the computer it didn't work too good - very quiet. Preamps are great. May need a preamp. Mic types - Sorry I've only used a couple. When I bought my first condenser mic I did lot's of online research into it. There were articles and reviews by the truckload out there. I'm very happy with the mic I ended up with. When I got my first dynamic mike (my first mike) I just went to the electronics shop and said "that one looks cool i"ll take it".
It get's the job done.