Hey everyone I need some help. I know about note duration like quarter notes, triplets, half notes, and sixteenth notes, but I don't know how to count the beats of a song. So, can you guys help me with how to count to a song so when i practice with a metronome I could actually know to use it properly for learning songs?

Well thats the problem, I don't really know how to count the rhythyms of a song really. Maybe I can get some examples of how to do it please from any song?

ok first you need to larn time signature. 4 over 4 is one of the more basic ones. that means there are 4 beats to a measure essentially.

so lets say you got

with "o" being a whole note. that would be four beats. thus one whole measure of music.

a quarter note is one beat. so in 4 over 4 you could have four quarters in a measure. a half and two quarters. two halfs. whats really good is set the metronome ont eh lowest setting and just tap your foot to the beat. strum a whole note so it'd be:

STRUM.......2.......3.......4 Strum......2........3.........4 tap your foot to every beat. hope this help!
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