When doing a chromatic exercise...(ex. 1 2 3 4, next string, 1 2 3 4, next string, 1 2 3 4 and so on), I know to put my first finger on the first fret, then put my second finger on the second fret while still leaving my first finger on the first fret, then putting my third finger on the third fret while still leaving my first two fingers on their respective frets and so on. But when doing chromatic exercises backwards, (ex.4 3 2 1, next string, 4 3 2 , next string 4 3 2 1 etc.) do you put all four fingers on the four frets of the same string, and then take each finger off one at a time. ex. (all four fingers on the first four frets of the high E string, then I take my fourth finger off while leaving the first three fingers still on their respective frets, then my third while still leaving my other two fingers on their respective frets, then my second etc.) Or do you just put your fourth finger on, then your third, then your second, then your first? Sorry if this is very confusing, but I am wondering which is the right way. Thanks,
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its kind of a mix, you dont want to put them all down at once, but be one or 2 frets ahead of what your playing
well there is no right way.

but if you want to build speed i believe that u should keep all 4 fingers on the string and pull up one by one.

the idea is to moce ur hand as little as possible to play every note and thats how u get faster.

it helps alot to to focus on keeping ur fingers as close to the strings as possible when u r not playing with them
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I never agreed with keeping all the fingers down while going up or down the chromatic scales. That's just wasted effort that you hand is using and its not contributing to the sound your making.

I do one at a time up and down, letting my finger push down just enough to make the string sound, and then letting the string force my finger up instead of pulling my finger off myself.
i put it them like pinky ,ring, middle, indx (this "put your fourth finger on, then your third, then your second, then your first") how i do it
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For chromatic exercises like you mention, which is also similar to practicing your CAGES scale patterns as well, is has always been my practice and shown to me this way in lessons that you always hit each fret independently, as it is dexterity exercise for your fingers.

You should not be leaving your fingers on the strings going up or down. As you fret one note, you lift that finger and fret the next not with the next finger.

What you mention in going in reverse is virtually a pull off exercise.

Index finger (whichever fret/string), pick the note, place second finger on next fret as you lift index finger (pick note) continue on.

In reverse, place pinkie, pick note, as you place ring finer, lift pinkie, pick note, etc....

It wouldn't be considered good form to leave all four fingers down on same string at the end of the run because you would never have that in a real setting.

Hope my description was clear, if not YouTube a chromatic exercise and you'll see.