I was looking at an older model EC-400 a few days ago but unfortunately the deal fell through.

I've been on the look out for a similar model and I was offered a EC-100QM sunburst. It's a lower model but its been upgraded in several places. First, the PU have been swapped out for a pair of EMG 81/85 and the tuners have been swapped for sperzel gold locking tuners. The asking price is 375 dollars canadian.

It's a lower model LTD and I know they aren't so great but this ones got some good things going for it. It's lacking in a few places, such as a bolt on neck compared to a set neck and a basswood body.

I mainly play metal (a la Metallica, or Megadeth) or rock. I'm looking at some alter bridge or creed as well. Will this guitar be able to crank out the riffs i'm looking for and overall is it a good deal?
The price isn't bad, especially for something with an EMG 81/85 combo.

Idk. I'm going to tell you the same thing that I tell everyone else who wants help picking out a guitar: play it, see if you like it.

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Ultimately, it's a subpar guitar, with added parts.
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Considering what I'm playing on right now (Squier Affinity Strat), I think this is going to be a decent upgrade.

The quality of the parts may be subpar but with active pu.s not taking on a huge amount of the tone from the wood how much can the quality of the other parts really affect the sound I'm going to get?
just save and get the 400, loads better then the 100
also, what amp you using?
To put things into perspective, at a local shop around here, a EC-400 in white will cost about 800 dollars after taxes. Although I will agree with you that it is the superior instrument it is also gonna cost me a pretty penny. I'm a college student so money isn't really in excess.