As I walk the halls

Crying myself to sleep

No one nkows the pain I hold deep

All these thoughts, contemplating suicide

All the pain you made me feel

It seems more deadly than cyonide

These wounds that only you can heal

Empty halls, Empty heart

I try to call, but fall apart

I see past your act

I know the fact

That you love another

More than a brother

The things you do

The things I say

Nothing makes it go away

What did I do?

To make you leave

Was it you

or was it me?

My heart keeps hoping

you will come back

but my mind is coping

with this simple fact

You are gone

and never coming back

So I'm here drowning out my sorrow

With the time we had

the time you let me borrow

and my heart keeps hoping

you will let me add

to the time we shared

the times we were scared

the times of joy

when I wasn't just your toy

the time of peace and love

hearts like white doves

free from the plague

that turned our love vague

when we weren't so sure

we were for each other

and you took a detour....

trying to find another....

and now your gone....forever

I kinda base my lyric writing off the tempo of Pearl Jam songs. If they even do have like a tempo or beat lolz. I don't really do it on purpose, it just sorta happens. Any tips? Likes, dislikes? Other than I should stop writing lyrics and just play guitar lolz