If anyone has payed any attention to my posts lately,you can clearly see that Im looking for a decent tube amplifier.Iv changed my mind quite a few times,but Im just wanting to get what is absolutely right for me.

Iv finally decided on the Crate V series line of amps,due to the fact that they are surprisingly affordable and put out 33 watts-which is more of what Ill need as opposed to say..A 120 watt amp.
Im going for the 33 watt head,and matching cab,instead of any of the combos.

Im sorry this post was so long and drawn out,but if anyone could shed some light on this line,whether it be good or bad,it would be highly appreciated.Thanx.
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The crate V series is VERY GOOD, especially for such a low price. It is such a warm sounding amp, with great sounding overdrive. Also, 33 watts of tube power will be practically as loud as a 120 watt solid state. My friend has a V50 combo and his volume on 6 is louder than my 100 watt solid state on max volume, so the 33-watts should be more than enough for gigging.
they sound great. i've got a palomino, which is essentially the same amp, and and i love it. it's got a great, warm clean sound that some compare to a vox-type clean, and an overdrive channel that can handle anything up to hard rock levels of distortion. the reverb is deep and lush, and can be a little overwhelming if dimed (i usually keep mine around 4). the amp is plenty loud enough to keep up with a drummer, and works well in band situations due to it's unique voicing. i HIGHLY recommend the v-series, and at these prices, it's almost a bad decision to not buy one, imo.
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I have the 33 watt V series your talking about with a bugera cab. it sounds great man, no regrets at all, especially for such a great price. go for it man, you wont be disapointed.
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