Im abandoning this project, mainly cause I decided on something else and I cant afford both, so this stuff is up for only what I paid for it.

Purple Quilt S470 body - Pretty good condition. $130 US shipped
(lol blah somehow the only pic I had on photobucket got deleted.. i have a pic of the back though.. if you are interested and want a pic, ill get one.)

ZR trem, all parts - $220 US shipped

If you buy both of them together, I'll let it go for $325 US shipped

I also have a Dimarzio HS-3 pickup, for $35 US shipped

and a Duncan Twintube Classic Overdrive pedal, $130 US shipped

PM me for anything. Not looking for trades at the moment.

Ohh.. I might be interested in a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal. or a Tremol-no. Thats about it at this moment I think.