If I wanted to play deathcore, death metal, thrash, and heavy metal, what pedal should I buy. Ive seen Digitech, Boss, EH, and others but don't know which is the best. And can anyone tell me how the Digitech Rp250's Death Metal and metal amp models are.
The Damage Control Demonizer pedal seems pretty sweet


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The boss metal zone is very tight and has and good bass response if dialed in right, but it's kind of weak. It's good for a lamb of god like tone. The digitech metal master has more gain but isn't as tight.
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Amen to needing to hear about your amp, but assuming you're playing on humbuckers (and in most cases even if you're not) I've heard some awesome sounds come out of the Marshall Jackhammer, especially for the price. In fact, mainly for the price
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Im switching to a Peavey Vypyr 75 over Christmas.

Then you might not want to buy a pedal yet. Go try out the vypyr and see if you like the distortion on it.
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what's your budget and current amp?
but start taking a look at Raidal


The Radial Tonebone Hot British Distortion is pretty nice - but its more of an 80's Marshall JCM800 type of distortion (hence the name "Hot British")... dunno if thats what you're into but it is a very nice pedal with a good bit of gain.
i tried it out but think that I could get something to push my death metal/deathcore distortion one more noch.
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The Boss Mega distortion can get you some really heavy tones. It has great low end response. Also, I've heard great things about the Metal Zone and the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff.

no, no you have not.
an old MIJ Boss HM-2, listen to early Bloodbath albums and you'll hear how brutal it is.
Make sure it's made in Japan, not Taiwan.
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rp 250 has really crappy tones for metal IMO. A good distortion pedal for metal is a metal muff by electro-harmonix
If you like to play metal then you should go for amp distortion over a stompbox. However, if you're completely bent on getting a pedal then check out the Digitech TL-2. The other guitarist in my band just got one and it has some pretty insane crunch.
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i used to have a DOD Death Metal distortion....real fun pedal, too bad i sold it
the digitech ones are iffy though

however, Rocktron makes a pedal known as the Metal Planet, 4 band eq, scoop function, et cetera

friend of mine has a Digitech RP350, and gets a "nice" nu-metal sound out of it, with a variety of others, but amp modelling doesnt mean shit if you play through a JCM

so really, you have to think about the future
If you're getting a digital modelling amp, you'd want to just plug your guitar straight into the amp, its never a good idea to throw pedals in front of, or in the effects loop of a digital modellign amp.
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Check Zvex Box Of Metal, very heavy.
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and crapy pedal of Digitech.
MI Audio Crunch box, very nice pedal.
and i have it =]
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i tried it out but think that I could get something to push my death metal/deathcore distortion one more noch.

Learn how to use the amp, it has a ton of gain on tap and has a tubescreamer option to push it harder. If you cant get enough gain out of that amp something is horribly wrong with your since of tone. Also distortion pedals usually dont sound the greatest running through modelers so it would be a waste of money.
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Agreed. Wait until you've spent time with the amp before you start throwing pedals at it.

Also, make sure that is exactly what you want. You may be better off finding a used 5150 or something.

A used 5150 is too expensive and too big for my use. I am doing this mostly for practice and small gigs. I would also like the Vypyr for its amp/ distortion models and other effects. I plan on getting the Sanpera I pedal for it. Im going to go back to GC and try it out again with a metal amp and Tubescreamer setting. Also, is the Boss Metal Core a good pedal. From the site it seems like its just what I need.