I am heading to college next year, and was hoping to not bring my amps and stuff at first (to conserve space until I find a steady gig). I was hoping to buy some virtual amp software. I was looking at getting the JamVox, just because it allows you to record and comes packaged with a USB speaker system. I was also looking at the Line6 Toneport series, just because they are cheaper. I don't have any experiences with these types of products so any recommendations as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Judging from the review i read on guitarist the jamvox is pretty awesome and well worth the money.
They're similar in alot of ways but different at the same time.

The Toneport and other software packages allow you to play through your PC and select a ton of different effects and amps etc. Some allow you to record also.

From the demo's I've seen and what I've read, the JamVox does all that plus it allows you to take the guitar (or other parts) out of the mix so you can jam along to your favourite mp3's. It'll even switch it around so that you can only hear the guitar part if you need to take it to learn a solo or other guitar section. You can even slow it down in pitch.

I've got Guitarport on my PC and use the Riffworks software to record but the Vox is definately something I'd take a closer look at, especially because of the speaker. PC speakers can sound really tinny.

Having said that I'd have to hear how the speaker sounded.

Let us know if you get it and how the speaker sounds. YouTube clips won't do it justice I imagine.