Perception is light

Well could objects be figments of imagination
Products of light and it’s optical interpretation
Images to our eyes that our brain prescribes
And causes all movements in which reaction derives

Or am I seeing clear through to consequential truth
Granting me, handing me monumental proof
To the reasons for the seasons inside my head
Or is my vision blurred, feeding out distortion instead

It must be all in my head, there within
Where lies growth from every moment, good or sin
Because sometimes my truths lie behind false colors
And I and the good lord know some appear more than others

And it smother, and covers one’s transparent presence of mind
Because the colors have brothers that sleep directly behind
The light that guides and shines upon the way
And leads you down a different path each and everyday

But if one could find that little white beam of light
To show them the difference between wrong and right
I myself would garner a sight so divine,
But never forget, white light is made of all colors combined.
This was an OK read for me,has a nice flow to it. The rhyme scheme was simple but seems kind of forced in some spots,seems to be like its a rap song though which i didnt care for. 6/10