It's been a long time and no posts, but I'm still around making music.

Check out my newest song and let me know what you think

On my myspace: www.myspace.com/foundyesterday - Field of Land Mines

OR High Quality



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As I'm listening:

I really like the synth in the beginning, the vocals are in, and they sound very nice. I think the fade out at the end fades a little too quickly, maybe it could be a slower fade out? Good recording quality. It sounds awesome man, not really my kind of music, but it's very well done! Keep up the good work, it sounds great!

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Thank you the synth in the beginning is a mixture of FM based sounds as well as some filter plugins that distort and pan the audio out in the same tempo the song is in...

(Autofilter in Logic 8 ...)

The end does fade a bit quickly on the myspace version I think I fixed that in the direct link I provided above

Appreciate the critique and I got back with yours as well, - good work